Coronavirus COVID-19

Please accept my deepest apologies for not writing you sooner. All the requirements and hoopla associated with the COVID-a9 virus and the subsequent lockdowns and personal distancing laws have kept me very busy.

I’m in constant communication with the Park’s Manager, Brittany, and she has assured me she knows of no COVID-19 cases at the Park and I just thank God for that. But I am sure the lockdown and personal distancing laws have been difficult for all of you. Please inform Brittany by email ( if you have any medical or food needs and she will direct you to the appropriate agencies,

Brittany and her family are conforming to lockdown and personal distancing laws.  Please email her instead of stepping onto her lot and disobeying personal distancing laws.  Wearing a mask is required outside of your home.  If you encounter anyone outside of a home not wearing a mask, please call the Sheriff,

It appears Governor Inslee will slowly be re-opening closed businesses and activities during the month of May and that should provide some relief for all of us!

PS: We are having a few instances of low water pressure even though we have a deep, wonderful well and a brand new pump. Brittany does all the testing and monitoring of our water system and weekly reports to the State. We have the highest grade A rating on our system. The pressure problem is probably due to our increased occupancy with all residents at home  causing higher water use. Please do not use any unnecessary water until this lockdown ends. Water for laundry and bathing is also more readily available during evening hours.




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